• The Client Care Web application is an all-inclusive management system designed for agencies specifically providing services to individuals with disabilities.
  • System only requires access to the internet and a web browser
  • CCW is HIPAA compliant with 128bit encryption and a completely customizable permissions system. Our servers stand behind a state-of-the-art firewall system reducing any possibility of your information being accessed by hackers.
  • CCW is automatically backed up nightly, which will eliminate the hassles of local data backups for you and your agency.
  • The Client Care Web application is a completely customizable database that caters to the specific individual needs of your company.
  • CCW does not come in a box like most cookie cutter software programs; better yet we think outside the box and create specifically for you. Client Care Web was created solely for agencies providing services for persons with disabilities and their families.

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  • Stop bouncing from financial software to financial software; CCW will automatically generate your billing and provide reports on utilization. No more entering into multiple databases, billing systems, and finance software.
  • With our billing rule and authorization check system, pay backs are a thing of the past..
  • AR reconciliation allows for up-to-date AR reports to be generated..
  • 835 import also allows reconciliation at the touch of a button no more manual entry!.
  • CCW is one BIG safety net, don't spend useless hours playing the paper-chase game trying to figure out over-billing, let one of CCW's built-in features automatically do that for you..
  • CCW can electronically bill any funding source that will accept an ANSI 837. Some of the current funding sources allowing electronic billing are: CenterPoint, Medicaid, Mecklenburg NC, Piedmont NC, Smoky NC, Western Highlands NC.

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Coordinator Tools

  • Need to get a quick answer to who's overseeing a case: CCW will be right at your fingertips with the answer. Simply enter your Client's name and it will provide the coordinator's name for you.
  • CCW has the ability, with ease, to provide coordinators or management with a report of who's on whose caseload.
  • Let CCW help out with prioritizing the Client's needs and family preferences. Our Management Tool feature quickly filters through all your care providers to give you the best possible match, based on needs and experience.
  • Schedule out services to be performed by your staff of care providers.

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Care Provider Information

  • Client Care Web tracks All the information you need about your care providers
  • Certificates
  • Skills
  • Licenses
  • Work Preferences
  • and Much More to track, manage and match to referrals and clients

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Client Information

  • A fully comprehensive ELECTRONIC medical record that can be viewed at any location that has an internet connection.
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Medications
  • Disability Information
  • Guardian Information
  • and much more, helping you provide the best care for your clients

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Human Resources

  • Allows you to manage many aspects of employees and contractors
  • Client/Care Provider competencies
  • Pay rates for care provider staff and Contractors
  • Ability to set up security groups for access to every page

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Custom reports can be created per your specifications and are included in the Company setup.

Sample of some standard reports are:
  • Utilization
  • Authorizations
  • Care Provider Certificate/License expirations
  • Discharge or Inactive Status
  • Mailing Labels via Mail Merge

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